Sustainable mobility with likeability factorexperience the new Trimobil tricycleAs a velo-taxi, bicycle rickshaw, cargo trike or family tandemthe Trimobil works best in any operation 

Also as a highly effective marketing and promotional bike for mobile outdoor advertising and an industry cargo bike, it offers up to 5 square meters of advertising space and a durable frame for up to 300kg payload,e.g. as a endig machine or mobile marketing display.  

With it`s wide range of options, the Trimobil is also perferct for cycling tours, also with disabled or blind person for their rehab, therapy & sports.

For tourism and bike rental, the Trimobil is also available as a pedelec with 2+2 option and baby trailer. Due to the versatile Trimobil design, the missions are only limited by your imagination.


de/produkte/trimobil/TN_tri_thumb.jpg (27.02.2011) 2 independent pedal-drives + 1 E.Drive (pedelec) option
de/produkte/trimobil/TN_tri_thumb.jpg (27.02.2011) Up to 650lbs payload or 3 adult passengers
de/produkte/trimobil/TN_tri_thumb.jpg (27.02.2011) Alternative: family-friendly "2plus2" option with 2 baby seats
de/produkte/trimobil/TN_tri_thumb.jpg (27.02.2011) Comforatble: adjustable ergo-seats with cushions
de/produkte/trimobil/TN_tri_thumb.jpg (27.02.2011) Portable5 minutes only, down from 25km/h speed to 150x95x55cm size
de/produkte/trimobil/TN_tri_thumb.jpg (27.02.2011) Up to 1.2 sqm luggage floor at industrial eurobox sizes
de/produkte/trimobil/TN_tri_thumb.jpg (27.02.2011) Up to 5 sqm mobile & extremely effective advertising space
de/produkte/trimobil/TN_tri_thumb.jpg (27.02.2011) With just a 95cm width, admitted for cyclepath use in most EU countries

Our Trimobil prototypes triggered incredible enthusiasm at Eurobike show. So German TV station ARD turned to Trimobil with its special interest week towards modern human mobility.

Many print media and other TV reports on the Trimobil were faszinated about the outstanding concept. And even German government and EU support our Trimobil project as an environmental friendly innovation in urban mobility.
What is that faszinating about Trimobil?
Still a bicycle, compact, quiet and as energy-efficient, it is a versatile, multi purpose vehicle for personal transportation, business and marketing.
With personal assembly options, besides passengers, your Trimobil also moves loads of all kinds as well as your positive image.
And above all, it is lot of fun to ride your Trimobil, anyway if pilot or passenger: Sustainable, likeable, together.
Have a look at our web pages and the online configuration & order tool to get an idea, of which is your favourite Trimobil and how to bring Trimobility into your life and business!